SONAS Easy plumb kit 2 - Offset Quadrant Shower Tray Kit Code FP1290Q100

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Loved by installers the easy plumb installation kit features
adjustable legs and loose removable access panels with a
unique fastening system. , It is designed to raise the tray off the
floor and is ideal in applications where the shower tray waste
and pipework needs to be plumbed above the floor boards
or concrete floor.,
The access panels in each easy plumb kit are made to suit
various sizes and therefore may need to be cut down on site
to suit some tray sizes. Each panel has cut lines clearly
marked to suit your tray size. , SUITABLE FOR ;,
1000 x 800 Offset Quadrant,
1200 x 800 Offset Quadrant,
1200 x 900 Offset Quadrant